VT Air National Guard to train in Wisconsin despite rising Covid-19 cases

VT Digger, Jul 31 2020 – Sawyer Loftus Read article online COLCHESTER— The Vermont Air National Guard is moving ahead with plans to send 250 airmen to Wisconsin to train in early August despite a “spike” in Covid-19 cases and deaths in the midwestern state. Col. David Shevchik, commander of the 158 Fighter Wing, announced […]

Safe Skies Clean Water follow up to meeting with Governor Evers’ staff

On July 8, representatives of Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin met with Gov. Evers’ Chief of Staff to discuss the environmental justice issues and impacts on residents living near the Truax base. Below is the text of our follow-up letter, also sent to other community leaders. PDF of letter Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin safeskiescleanwaterwi.org […]

Military Funding for F-35 fighter jets in Senate COVID Bill, act now!

Senate Republicans have included $686 million for new F-35 fighter jets in their proposed $1 trillion COVID-19 response package among billions for other weapons including Apache helicopters and infantry carriers. The bill includes no local aid, no funds for election security, and it proposes to cut the federal unemployment stipend from $600 a month to $200. There’s other […]

Faith Leaders Oppose F-35 Fighter Jets, Wisconsin State Journal 7-29-2020

A full-page ad appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal today – July 29, 2020 – speaking against the F-35 fighter jets for reasons of social and environmental justice, and world peace. It’s signed by a long list of clergy and other faith leaders who call the proposed deployment “morally offensive”. Wisconsin State Journal Ad, Faith […]

State Candidates Respond to Safe Skies Clean Water Questions

We don’t suggest you vote based on a single issue, but we sent a list of questions relating to F-35 fighter jets and PFAS to candidates for State Assembly and State Senate in the North and East side Madison districts. Here are the responses we received: Senate District 26 (Risser Seat) Candidate Responses to Safe […]

Lanterns for Peace – August 6

Lanterns for Peace 2020 Join us from your home for this family friendly event to commemorate the lives lost in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings 75 years ago and make sure that such nuclear attacks never again take place. We remember the past, so that we can envision and work for a peaceful, just and […]

Find a New Mission for Truax Field

Evaluate a New Mission for Truax Field July 2020 This spring the Air Force ignored local opposition and promoted environmental racism by selecting the 115th Fighter Wing at Truax Field to receive a squadron of F-35 fighter jets costing $1.5 billion. If we want the 115th Fighter Wing to be an asset to our community, we […]

Ask the candidates about F-35s

CANDIDATE QUESTIONS – for upcoming local and State elections 2020 Candidate information from the League of Women Voters myvote.wi.gov: How to register, what’s on my ballot, where to vote, request an absentee ballot Check candidates website for more on their positions. Search online for candidate forums by district. 1 – Earlier this year, the Air […]

Truax Construction Timeline

Contact the Governor and the County Executive – demand that no construction take place until the Air Force and Air National Guard complete a COMPLETE SITE INVESTIGATION and THOROUGH PLAN FOR PFAS CLEANUP – including funding sources.   ———— With the Record of Decision complete, the 115th Fighter Wing is able to start the process […]

Congress Voting on Defense Budget- Sign Now!

July 13, 2020 – WorldBeyondwar.org via Peace Action Wisconsin Votes are now expected in the coming weeks in both houses of Congress on moving a mere 10% of the Pentagon’s budget to useful human and environmental purposes.  Here’s what you can do:  1) Email your Representative and Senators. 2) Use the tools on the next page to […]