F-16 fighter jets take to sky for night training, with F-35s on horizon

“F-16’s been fun, but really looking forward to the next mission.” Channel 3000, September 20, 2021 9:44 PM Updated: September 21, 2021 7:27 AM by Madalyn O’Neill View article online MADISON, Wis. – Even when weather steers them off course, pilots at the 115th Fighter Wing set their sights ahead. “F-16s don’t like thunderstorms, and […]

Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association

The Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association opposes the siting of F-35 jets at Truax Field. This placement will create significant noise and pollution – particularly for those neighborhoods close to the field – and aggravate climate chaos, while costing financial resources that are needed for more pressing matters.

Petition to Senator Tammy Baldwin – Stop the Basing of F-35s at Truax

Signatures on this petition wlll be sent periodically to Senator Baldwin, as they accumulate. Please share widely! (You can use the “Share” links below for Facebook, Twitter or Email) SIGN THE PETITION Petition to Stop the Basing of F-35s at Truax Air Base in Madison, Wisconsin. WE, THE UNDERSIGNED WISCONSIN RESIDENTS, publicly raise our voices […]

UPDATE: Airport Commission Appointees 2021

UPDATE: Executive Parisi’s appointments of pro-F-35 Supervisor Jeremy Levin and Attorney Perry Armstrong to the County Airport Commission are indefinitely delayed in the Executive Committee. The County Board has received many emails about the appointments. Thank you for all your communication! We will let you know if we need you to take further action. At […]

Airport Commission Appointees – Media Release 9/8/21

​FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, September 8 ​​From: Safe Skies Clean Water Coalition Allies for Black Lives—Madison ​Parisi reappoints Airport Commissioner​ ​ despite racist comment at April meeting Dane County Executive Joe Parisi is appointing two members to the Dane County Airport Commission, Perry Armstrong, a title company CEO from Mount Horeb, as well as Jeremy […]

Military flyovers are annoying

Opinion: Steve Books Wisconsin State Journal | Aug 27, 2021 Military jet flyovers are a negative way to acknowledge America. How about a moment of silence instead? There have been flyovers recently that didn’t make any sense. To have a military jet flyover to “honor” Arizona hospital workers in May of 2020 made no sense, because the […]

Air Force needs to cut $3.7 million in costs per aircraft to make F-35s affordable

Northwest Florida Daily News, Sept 1, 2021 | Jim Thompson Read original article online EGLIN AFB — A Government Accountability Office survey of military bases where fifth-generation F-35 stealth fighter jets are located, including Eglin Air Force Base, contributed to a GAO report issued last month warning that unless “sustainment” costs for throm e jet are reduced, the three […]

Raemisch Farm Property development halted over airport noise

On August 4th, the Madison Common Council voted to stop development of the Raemisch Farm Property on Madison’s north site adjacent to the Dane County Airport. We applaud the Council for protecting another generation of city residents from the ugly and unhealthy noise created by air traffic, especially that from the current and future training […]

OLDCC Community Input on Noise Mitigation – comment by October 4

IMPORTANT NOTE: Safe Skies Clean Water WI continues to fight the basing of the F-35 fighter jets here in Madison and we don’t want you to think we are advocating for noise mitigation as the solution. There are places in this survey to elaborate on your responses so feel free to say anything that shows […]

House Armed Services Committee Seeks Constraints On F-35 Buys

The House Armed Services Committee’s draft policy bill slams the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program on its astronomical costs — and puts in place language that could both constraint the number of the fifth-generation fighters procured by the Defense Department and affect prime contractor Lockheed Martin’s sustainment work share. https://breakingdefense.com/2021/08/hasc-seeks-constraints-on-f-35-buys-multi-year-sustainment-contract-plans/