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  • Wisconsin ANG Community Concerns Hotline: 608-242-3960.

  • Dane County Regional Airport Noise Complaint Line: 608-246-5841

  • Airport noise report form

You can also contact the Military regarding a noise event:
Public Affairs: 608-245-4395
115th Fighter Wing contact form

Michael Stephens, Operations & Public Safety Director 246-3392

Here is the link to sign up for alerts of unusual activities by the 115th:

These F-35 fighter jets should not be in highly populated areas of the country.  They  will expose city residents to dangerous levels of sound. In adults, excessive noise is linked to increases in stress hormones, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. In children, it can result in small birth weights, delayed speech development, reduced concentration, and decreased math and reading comprehension.

The maps we have been provided with of where the noise is loudest are not accurate,  The pilots are not disciplined in their flight patterns making far more men, women and children exposed to the harmful noise.

“The early years of a child’s life are critical for the development of hearing. According to the Office of Disease Prevention at the National Institutes of Health, children’s ear canals continue to develop during the early years of life, and loud noises during this stage of development can permanently damage their hearing.

The noise created by the F-35s is an impulse sound — a brief, very loud noise. Impulse noise causes more severe hearing loss than steady state noise. The body has a reflex mechanism which protects the ear when exposed to loud, continuous noise. The reflex is slow, and thus does not provide protection to the ear against sudden impulsive sounds. Hence, the average day-night noise exposure (DNL) measured over a 24-hour period in the draft EIS does not measure the true impact of noise on children.

Health impacts of noise pollution include overproduction of stress hormones, interruption of sleep, ringing in the ear, negative effects on mental health, increased blood pressure and impacts on cardiovascular disease.”
Dr. Neary


General Airport Noise Reporting Hotline: 608-246-5841 or