Petitions opposing F-35s

Madison Residents

Residents who would be impacted by the F-35s have several ways to register their opposition. This petition hosted by the Northside Planning Council is intended to provide a transparent and public platform for people to have their voice heard. The petition has been delivered to the offices of the Chamber of Commerce, Tammy Baldwin, Mark Pocan, Mark Miller, and Governor Tony Evers on November 4.

Sign the Northside Planning Council petition

All Wisconsin Residents

Speak up Wisconsin: Tell your progressive legislators to oppose F-35 stealth jets in Madison #SaveOurSkies

Sign the petition to progressive leaders here

Business owners oppose the F-35s in Madison

Business owners speak out! If you feel your business will be negatively affected, or that bringing the jets here impugns the integrity and principles of our city, sign this petition and tell the Air Force: the F-35s do not belong in Madison and, if you care to, please say why you oppose.

Sign the business owners petition